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15th - 30th of October, 2023

Barcelona, Spain

Participation with artwork from “Camouflage” collection

I am proud to receive this certificate of Artistic Merit from the Barbagelata Contemporary Art Foundation for the “Portraits International Exhibition 2023 “.

Among other renowned artists who were also awarded, I represented the power of cultures and myths through my Art, which is like a connection to the past, a colorful and dynamic language with an artwork from my “Camouflage” collection .

A symbolic modern Art that reflects and demonstrates renewal and portrays the supernatural .“Foresight” painting symbolizes gods’ power and mercy. It shows the inner strength and the power to see beyond.

I would like to thank the Barbagelata Contemporary Art Foundation, the President Mrs. Barbagelata Allegra, as also the Art Curator Mrs. Victoria Wong who recognized my artwork as the connection between Asian history and Mythology that reflects great meanings of inner strength and give a new option to the modern side of Art. This exhibition is definitely a bridge for an open dialogue that transcends borders, languages, and boundaries, allowing all artists to connect and understand each other on a profound level. Thank you all once again for the honor and the recognition of my work.

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