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Time of Art Gallery

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

International Contemporary Art Exhibition ‘’ Inspiration ‘’

At the Time of Art Gallery, in Kifissia, Athens, Greece, on Wednesday 14th of December was the great opening of the International Contemporary Art Exhibition ‘’ Inspiration ‘’.

DURATION OF EXHIBITION 14/12/2022 18 /12 /2022

Precious moments with good friends and many artists.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming 🙏

It was an honor!

Participating with two of my artworks works of my new collection of artworks "Words".





"Light "is a work of art from my new collection called"Words."

In Greek mythology, the god Apollo, son of Zeus, drives his chariot and crosses the sky every day bringing light to the world.

In the midst of darkness, light prevails.

" Now " is a lot of moments that affect the future. Once lost it cannot be recovered. It's powerful.

Here are some photos of the grand opening of the International Exhibition.

More to follow♥️

Our moments are everything 🙏🌹

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