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"Unveiling Spring: A Curator's Vision of Renewal and Creativity"

"Embracing the Spectrum of Spring" article by Annita Apostolidou Platis

"As an artist and curator, I'm thrilled to announce my role in the 'Spring' International Art Season. This vibrant showcase embodies renewal, featuring a curated selection of innovative works that reflect the burgeoning creativity of spring—an exploration of dynamic interpretations of rebirth and transformation through art.

I am also excited to be showcasing my own artwork alongside incredible talents from around the world. An artistic resurgence, a celebration of new beginnings in the art world.

As a curator, I am honored to guide you through 'Spring.' With my article, I delve into the profound duality of this season of rebirth. 'Spring whispers; listen closely as nature narrates its perennial tale.'

—Annita Apostolidou Platis, Curator and Artist"

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