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Annita A. the Artist


“I’m An Artist. A dreamer with a creative and complex mind.

Art gives me the power to inspire and motivate.

I live in my own world. I’m an explorer. I speak with my artworks.

I want my privacy when I create. Art is life. This is me...” Annita A.

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Annita A. the Artist


Annita Apostolidou Platis is a Greek painter who excels in the bold blending of colours and the art of transforming forms. She was born in Athens, where she still lives and work.


Since she was a little child, her whole world was Art. At the age of 8, she started private lessons, studying all the courses of the School of Fine Arts, with the Academic Painter, Dimitris Kantopoulos.  


Despite everyones’ expectations who wanted her to follow Business Administration studies, she joined Fashion Design Courses at Veloudakis Fashion School and Jewelry Design courses at the YWCA in Athens. In Milan she joined the Instituto Artistico dell 'Abbigliamento Marangoni to continue her education. She graduated with the Advanced Diploma level in Fashion, with a Master Degree in Jewelry Design & Accessories and also attended Advanced Level Courses in Interior Design.


She is a Painter, a Fashion & Jewelry Designer, Stylist, Poet and a Photographer.

She speaks English, Italian, French and Greek.


Her artistic influences come from Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Ancient History, Surrealism, Photography and Poetry. She admires the undulating asymmetrical lines and the ornamental characteristic of Art Nouveau, the colours and the bold geometric forms of Art Deco, the elegance of Japanese painting and calligraphy, the delicate Art of Italian Renaissance, the colourful silhouettes of Egyptian frescoes, the symbolic art of the Aztecs, Arabic mosaics, the archetypal drawings from older civilizations.


She particularly admires the exotic designs of Erté, the theatrical sceneries of Alphonse Mucha, the delicate feminine lines of Gustav Klimt, the angular style of Tamara de Lempicka, the deep explorations of Salvador Dali, the landscapes of Katsushika Hokusai, the folding screens of Ogata Kōrin. Some of her favourite photographers are Mario Testino, Signe Vilstrup, Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Paolo Roversi, Irving Penn, Peter Lindbergh. She also loves the poetry of Pablo Neruda and Fernando Pessoa.

She returned to the world of Art in the 2016. As she has a professional background in Fashion, her colours have energy.


Annita plays with forms, figures, portraits, colours. Her palette is innovative and complex. She mixes warm and cold colours in her own unique way to create surreal figures in her paintings. She paints with acrylic colours, which she loves for their intensity, with ink and also uses impasto effect, to give a more embossed form. Each new art collection has a deep inner search. Most of her paintings are accompanied by her own poems. Each painting represents a different story.

She launched her official website in the year 2018. She is participating in Art exhibitions. She shows her creativity through Surrealism, because this style provides her more freedom to convey her feelings and thoughts through the canvas.


Viewing her dynamic artworks is an exciting colourful experience. Like a secret world filled with messages. Through her works she tries to travel the mind and open new paths.


She is a former Haute Couture Designer of one of the greatest names of Greek Fashion, of Harris Hourmouzis (1994-2000)


She has collaborated with the Academic Artist Panagiotis Sotiriadis with frescoes, furniture processing and painting (1999-2000)


She was awarded praise by Kosmocar at the Volkswagen “Beetle Art” contest, for her artwork “Millennium” (1999)


She is a former owner of the company Annita Platis Collections, with collectible decoration items from Florence and Venice including her own works of art (2001-2006)


In parallel she managed some key projects as an Interior Décoratrice for well-known houses and professional spaces (2001-2006)


She is a former Wedding & Event Planner of her company All My Life (2007-2010).


She is being honored by the Accademia Italia In Arte Nel Mondo with the award "HERMES, il messaggero degli Dei" (2021)


She holds the Honorary Title of "Nuntius Artis" by the Accademia Italia In Arte Nel Mondo (2021)


She holds the title of the Honorary Associate Member and Support by the Accademia Italia In Arte Nel Mondo (2021)


She is being honored by the Accademia Italia In Arte Nel Mondo with the award "POSEIDONE, il Dio  dei Mari, Mitologia Greca" (2022)


She holds the Honorary Title of "Magister formarum et artium" by the Accademia Italia In Arte Nel Mondo (2022)


She holds the title of the Honorary Associate Member and Support by the Accademia Italia In Arte Nel Mondo (2022)

Ηonored by the Gallery Ring with the award of Merit reserved for
''NEMESIS'' artwork from "Words" Collection, that demonstrate strong artistic skills (2022)


Ηonored by the Gallery Ring as a Finalist with ''MOIRAI'' & '’SHADES'' Artworks from "Words" Collection (2022)


She is being honored by the “Fondazione Costanza” with the award "INTERNATIONAL CAREER AWARDS 2023 – TALENTS AND PROFESSIONALS" for her professionalism and originality through her artworks in the international field.


She holds the title of the Ordinary Member for the Year 2023, of the Fondazione Costanza


Honored by the National Olympic Academy of Greece (HOA) with the award of Merit reserved for her contribution to its work that promotes through amazing actions and events the philosophy, principles and values of Olympism.


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