Annita Apostolidou Platis


See|Me competition

‘Art Takes 2021’ Open Call New York City


Participation with artworks from "Camouflage" Collection

- The Ki Smith Gallery March 17th to Wednesday, March 31st 2021

- The Gamerjibe March 24th to March 26th 2021





Participation with artwork from "Eternal Lover" Collection in the ARTBOX.GALLERY and on the largest art platform ARTSY worldwide.

January 4 - March 31, 2021



Solo exhibition contest

Art Number 23 virtual gallery

Participation with artworks from "My Soul Kingdom" Collection

December 20, 2020

Virtual Solo Exhibition for three months (20th December - 20th February)



Luxembourg Art Prize 2020

Artwork: "THE PRINCESS AND THE RED GOLDFISH" from "Eternal Lover" Collection

December 1, 2020



Open Art Contest in Athens

Art Number 23 virtual gallery

Artwork: "MYSTIC GUIDANCE" from  "My Soul Kingdom" Collection

November 20 to December 7, 2020

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