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From the moment I could grasp a pencil, Art became my universe.


At five, I transformed the walls of my home into a fairy-tale canvas with a pencil spirited away from my grandmother's house. The shock on my mother's face when she saw my artwork is etched in my memory, yet that moment catapulted me into a world I was destined to explore. Soon after, I found myself standing in the studio of Dimitris Kantopoulos, a renowned painter whose eyes saw potential in my scribbles. He offered to unveil the secrets of painting to me, a mere child among the towering easels and awe-struck students of the School of Fine Arts.


At eight, surrounded by students much older, I stood before a massive easel, absorbing every technique and hue, enchanted by this new world of endless possibilities. Art was not just a part of my life; it was my life.


My mentor once told me, “My little girl, your journey in the world of arts will be remarkable. Even if not everyone loves your work, they will speak of your colors - your true magic.” Those words became my guiding light.


However, my journey took an unexpected turn when allergies to oil paints and turpentine barred me from continuing at the School of Fine Arts. But the artist in me couldn't be stifled. My heart led me down a different path, one that danced along the lines and colors of Fashion Design. Despite the expectations for me to pursue Business Administration, I followed my passion to Veloudakis Fashion School in Athens. There, art and fashion intertwined, and I found myself at home among the fabrics, designs, and history that seemed to pulse with creative energy.


Every new day was a revelation, a chance to imbibe knowledge, craft unique projects, and spend nights illuminated by groundbreaking ideas. Art filled every crevice of my life with light, guiding me through challenges and towards triumphs. My story is a testament to the resilience of the artistic spirit, a journey not just through the realms of traditional and fashion art but a constant exploration of the infinite ways in which creativity can manifest. In my heart, I know that to live is to create, and to create is to live, forever entwined with the essence of art.


But my heart yearned for more, an insatiable desire that led me to the doors of the YWCA School of Arts in Athens, where I dove into the world of Jewelry Design. This new chapter was not just about learning; it was about experiencing. My studies gifted me the opportunity to travel to Paris, where I found myself amidst the glamour of fashion shows by renowned designers and wandering the streets of Montmartre. It was there, in the heart of Paris, that I truly grasped the profound impact of art on my soul.


After graduation, I stood at a crossroads, contemplating my next steps in the vast world of Fashion. England, France, Italy - my fluency in all three languages opened up endless possibilities, yet my decision had to reflect something deeper than language proficiency. I sought a culture that resonated with my spirit, and Italy, with its rich history in art and mesmerizing palette of mysterious cold grey colors, called to me.


Milan became my new home as I enrolled in the Instituto Artistico dell'Abbigliamento Marangoni. There, I not only honed my artistic abilities but also underwent a profound personal transformation. Upon graduation, I held an Advanced Diploma in fashion, a Master Degree in Jewelry Design & Accessories, and certificates from Advanced Level Courses in Interior Design.


An incredible opportunity soon presented itself - an offer to start my career at the prestigious Versace Fashion House, extended by the principal of the Institute. Despite the allure, personal reasons compelled me to return to Greece, armed with diplomas, recommendation letters, and an unyielding resolve to excel in Haute Couture in Athens, lest I venture back to Milan.


Back in Athens, destiny led me to the atelier of Haris Hourmouzis, a titan of Greek Fashion. March 1994 marked the day of my interview, amidst the fervor of final rehearsals for the upcoming Fall/Winter Fashion show. Haris saw in my eyes a reflection of his passion for fashion, a shared thirst that sparked our collaboration.


"Do you have a really strong stomach?" he inquired with a knowing smile. My affirmative response, though quick, was laden with contemplation. His nod sealed our fate - a shared journey through the exhilaration and challenges behind the fashion lights. Haris became more than a mentor; he was a pivotal figure in my life, guiding me through the highs and lows that sculpted me into a seasoned artist.


At Harris & Aggelos Fashion House, I lived my golden years of creativity, traveling extensively for fashion shows and achieving pinnacle success as a designer.


It was through this vibrant journey that I met Nikos Giorgos Papoutsidis, a celebrated sculptor-painter. In 1998, he entrusted me with the honor of narrating the stories behind his magnificent artworks at an exhibition in Kefalari, Kifissia. This collaboration not only marked a milestone in my career but also blessed me with another invaluable relationship in my life.


Each step, each decision, wove the fabric of my story, a tapestry rich with experiences, learning, and unbreakable bonds. In the realm of art and fashion, I found my calling, my challenges, and my triumphs, forever grateful for the mentors who shaped my journey.


My journey through art and fashion has been a tapestry of vivid moments and collaborations that shaped my vision and my soul. Among these, working with Academic Artist Panagiotis Sotiriadis between 1999 and 2000 stands out, a period during which we dived into the world of frescoes, furniture processing, and painting, blending our visions to create something uniquely beautiful.


In 1999, I ventured into the Volkswagen “Beetle Art” Open Contest, submitting two projects: Millennium and Beetle 2000. The exhibition took place at the Glyfada Golf Club in Athens in July 1999, where my project Millennium was met with acclaim, a moment of validation for my artistic endeavors.


However, the relentless pace of the fashion world and its demands made me reconsider my priorities. In 2000, I chose to step away from the whirlwind of fashion to seek personal happiness, a decision that led me to create Annita Platis Collections in 2001. This venture was a collection of decor items from Florence and Venice, alongside my own art, marrying my love for fashion with interior design.


My creative spirit birthed another venture in 2007, All My Life, a wedding and event planning company that allowed me to design handmade invitations, bonbonnières, and decorations, overseeing the beauty of events from start to finish.


Yet, by the end of 2010, life's unexpected turns led me to a pause, a time of introspection and redefinition.


Art, for a while, was placed on hold, until the words of a beloved person in 2016 reignited my passion: "...You cannot deny your nature. You are born for art. You are Art."

Inspired anew, I began working on my painting exhibition, creating 18 pieces that blended acrylic, charcoal, aging techniques, and digital media, titled "Faces & Characters." Before I could even present them in Greece, the entire collection went to an Italian businessman, finding a new home in boutique hotels and villas in Portofino.


As I completed my first collection, the seeds for my second, "My Soul Kingdom," were already sown. This project, comprising 10 paintings on black canvas, embarked on a different journey, each piece a reflection of my inner world, accompanied by my poetry, offering glimpses into my soul.


2019 brought the birth of "Eternal Lover," a collection that embraced surrealism to explore femininity, nature, and emotions, further enriching my portfolio with a blend of graphics, female portraits, and collages, each piece a narrative complemented by my own poems. A Journey into Mixed Media Surrealism.


In 2020, amidst a world paused by unforeseen circumstances, my imagination found new wings. Since my earliest memories, fairy tales had been the lanterns illuminating my path, guiding me through realms of endless possibility. It was then, in this year of quiet introspection, that "The Princess and the Red Goldfish" emerged from the depths of my creativity. This fairy tale, my first, nestled within the "Fairytales & Paintings" section, offered a fresh lens through which to view art, weaving narratives that danced between the lines of reality and enchantment.


As the year drew to a close, my artistic journey took a turn towards the mystical with the launch of the "Camouflage" series. This collection of ten paintings delved into the realm of Surrealism, exploring the veils that conceal and reveal the essence of our being. Each piece was a voyage into the unknown, inviting viewers to peel back layers and discover the hidden truths beneath.


The following year, 2022, brought forth "Words", a collection that whispered tales of the ancient and the eternal. Comprising seven masterpieces, this series ventured into Abstract, its roots entwined with the legends of Greek mythology. Each artwork was a homage to the stories that have shaped human consciousness, a tribute to the power of words and the mysteries they hold.


2023 was a year of connection, of weaving the threads of past and present into a tapestry rich with emotion and memory. "Links" became the channel through which I explored these themes, employing female portraits and mixed media digital collages to narrate stories of time, memory, and the intricate bonds that unite us. This collection, still unfolding, promised to comprise twenty artworks, each a link in the chain of my artistic odyssey.


The same year, my affection for the festive spirit of December and the Christmas holidays inspired "Lady Hope", a piece that sparkled with the magic of the season. This artwork, added to the "Fairytales & Paintings" section, fueled the creation of my second fairy tale, further enriching the tapestry of my imagination.


Now, in 2024, my journey continues. The "Links" collection grows, each new artwork a step further into the exploration of connection and continuity. Alongside this, my curiosity leads me towards a new series, a bridge that will extend from the foundations of "Links" into new territories yet to be discovered.


With gratitude, I extend my thanks to Dimitris Athanasiou, whose music has lent an auditory dimension to my visual world, enriching the experience of those who wander through my creations.


I warmly invite you into my world of art, a realm where imagination reigns supreme, and every path leads to discovery. Through my paintings, my stories, and the melodies that accompany them, I offer you a key to my kingdom, a place where color and word meld seamlessly. Step into my universe, and let us embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, together exploring the myriad pathways of art.

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