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Canvas Forms

by Annita A.

Canvases are available in various forms:

Canvas panels

Usually made from primed cotton. Keep in mind that they don’t age well, but they are good for practice.

Stretched Canvas

Using stretched canvas reduces the chances that your artwork will be damaged as it holds the canvas in tact, and the stretching is done by cutting-edge technology rather than by hand.

Canvas pads

Pads are sheets of primed canvas that are bound within a book. Ideal for creating while on the move, the sheets used in many pads can be stretched or mounted at a later date. Similar to canvas panels, however, they don’t age as well and are therefore best for practice.

Canvas rolls

If you want to prepare and stretch your own canvas or to create a very large painting, canvas rolls are great. Made from either linen or cotton, they’re generally sold by the metre.

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