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THE HOLIDAY ADVENT SHOW 2023 - Ontario, Canada

Thank you for the honor 🙏💎 This artwork has been selected among other for the Holiday Advent Show, from the Gallery Ring ❄️ an international event, celebrating the upcoming holidays ❄️

My “Lady Hope” is an artwork inspired from my childhood memories, decorating the tree, hanging the mistletoe, Christmas melodies, smelling hot chocolate and cookies , bringing figgy pudding, wrapping presents, waiting for the elves, fairies, Santa...

I still do all these ..

This artwork is my Christmas hope for All. Wishes for health, peace, love, prosperity.

Let’s all dream through my “Lady Hope” and wish for a Christmas full of magical snowflakes, sugary moments, global health, true love, eternal peace and positive energy.

©copyright 2023, Annita Apostolidou Platis.

All rights reserved.

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