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POSEIDONE Il Dio dei Mari

Accademia Italia In Arte Nel Mondo

What a great honour!

I am deeply touched and proud to receive this recognition from the Accademia Italia In Arte Nel Mondo with the award "POSEIDONE Il Dio del Mare della Mitologia Greca".

“Poseidone” is in my hands now!

Among other renowned artists who were also awarded, I was the artist that through my artworks promoted Greece. I represented the power of the Culture and History in Ancient Greece, including elements and symbolic Greek words from our Philosophy and Mythology.

The Academic committee that evaluated the artworks of my new collection called “Words”, stated that my artistic work meets a providential need of Art history!

The Greek Mythology, as also the history of Rome and Ancient Egypt, have a powerful influence on my new collection of artworks.

I would like to thank once again the Honorary Committee of the Accademia Italia In Arte nel Mondo, who in collaboration with their art experts and analysts of the department of Art Theory and History of Art, they recognized once again my collection of artworks as the connection between ancient civilizations through the modern side of Art.

I also want to thank the Honorary President Dr. Michele Miulli, for the honour and the recognition of my work.

A spectacular event that emphasized, in accordance with Article 27, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the protection of the Right to freedom of expression, including artistic and creative expression and more specifically to Art as a World Heritage.


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