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Trying to find innocence and peace in our days...

by Annita A.

As I was exploring the philosophy of Alice in Wonderland and reading it several times I was realizing that there is more philosophy, metaphor and spirituality in this revolutionary children’s book.

The White Rabbit is the spark of curiosity that activates Alice’s spiritual awakening. It is the White Rabbit who leads Alice down the rabbit hole. The White Rabbit is a symbol of our quest for knowledge. Following the White Rabbit means following an unlikely clue and finding ourselves in the middle of an extraordinary situation. This situation often challenges our beliefs and changes our life.

There are no rules in Wonderland and if we try to find a meaning from our reading, we must think like a child so we can be true philosophers. Wonderland is the place to do this, to release our inhibitions, to release pre-conceptions of ideas and to start really questioning to gain true wisdom, true knowledge.

As an Artist I try not to follow the rules. I always try to be open minded and a real free spirit.

On these days of uncertainty and with all the global challenges I try to have a child’s point of view with innocence and a happy laughter.

Many wishes for a peaceful Easter, with health, love and joy. Enjoy my artistic video!

- Annita A.

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